syllabus and assignments

FINAL PUBLICATION PACKET ASSIGNMENT: English 505-FInal Publication packet

Publishing Handout: with information on cover letters, writing retreats, markets, etc,: Publishing Handout

Revised Presentation Schedule and Course Calendar: English 505-REVISED CALENDAR

Syllabus: Engl 505-Winter ’13

Presentations: 505GuidelinesforPresentations2013


SCHEDULE CHANGE and Short Essay Assignment for Tuesday, Jan. 29

For Tuesday, Jan. 29:


Choose one piece to read  from 4th Genre or Metawritings (that we haven’t yet discussed) and come prepared to discuss why you chose it. How does it display the hallmarks of good creative nonfiction? Or what creative nonfiction issues does it raise? What kind of writing might one model from this piece? You do not have to write up a response to this essay; we’ll be doing some writing in class.


Produce a short essay of 500-1500 words. This can be an extension/revision of the writing exercise piece or something new. Perhaps it’s a polishing of a blog post you did. Bring FIVE copies to class.

For Thursday, Jan. 31:
We’ll have an in-class workshop in small groups on the pieces you brought in Tuesday.


Writing Exercise Assignment for Tuesday, Jan. 22

For Tuesday, please create a short piece from a writing exercise: either one that we did together in class (writing to art or writing from a colleague’s exercise) or one that you devise on your own based on ANY of the reading we’ve done so far.

The resultant piece can be anywhere from 500 to 1000 words. Please also attach a one-paragraph reflection on the genesis of the piece: what exercise did you use or what reading are you modeling this on? What did you discover as you wrote? Please make FIVE COPIES to bring into class. 


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