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FOR SALE ’84 Toyota LandCruiser FJ-60

Hey, Matt! Thanks for your interest in the LandCruiser. I’m glad to hear that you’re a TLC person yourself, and I’m happy to think of my FJ-60 going to a good Toyota-loving home! I think it’d look great parked next … Continue reading

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Circling Around the Truth?

Now that we’re in week three and I’ve found myself a little more comfortable with being involved in actual writing outside of teaching, I find myself in a small dill-pickle of sorts.  While I found myself teaching the inductive essay … Continue reading

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The Rules of the Open Mic

While this piece is admittedly new, (like brand new! like an hour old new!) I feel compelled to get it out into the world of the internet due to its content. My friend Jack McCarthy was an incredible writer, and … Continue reading

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A Hair Monologue

So, this is an early attempt of mine, circa college, at a creative nonfiction monologue. It is probably painfully obvious that I was, at the time of writing, acquiring a BA in gender and women’s studies and theater. Other insight … Continue reading

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Nightmares of Flying

I don’t fly. Have not flown since 1979. I have good reason not to want to board a passenger airplane. I witnessed the results of an in-flight crash in San Diego in 1978. Pacific Southwest Airlines flight 182 was making … Continue reading

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On “The Facts of the Matter:” Why I’m Angry Instead of Convinced

I have been wrestling with “The Facts of the Matter” by Anonymous for about two months, since a fellow writer friend first passed it on to me. The first time I encountered it, I had to stop reading about a … Continue reading

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Letting Down Our Guard

One day in my English 197 class at the University of Washington, which was called something like Writing in the English Discipline and was a required course for English majors, we were having a discussion about reading, and different ways … Continue reading

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Bacon—A complicated history

I bought some of that really good stuff at the grocery store today, you know the kind, that small package that costs $150 because it’s all organic, vegetarian fed—little piggy gets to run around free in the pasture before they … Continue reading

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The “Creative Autobiography”

Today I happened to glance at my bookshelf, and Twyla Tharpe’s book, The Creative Habit, leapt out at me (it’s that kind of book. It leaps). Twyla Tharpe is a world-renowned choreographer, and in this book she explores—often through metaphors of dance—the … Continue reading

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